When everything else goes wrong…



The point at which a series of small changes or incidents becomes significant enough to cause a larger, more important change.


  With so many people now able to 3D print, design online and with massive home & cloud based computing power, ideas are mixed and matched online like never before.


Communities develop around certain ideas. These incubators breed best in class solutions and design by enabling thousands of design iterations to happen in days rather than years.


Sampling across these communities allows us to put the pieces of the puzzle together, and come to a new design that changes the way people look and interact with our designs.

Our Story

Our designs are built on research. We ask people what they need, what they want and what has and has not worked for them in the past. This data goes into all of our designs.


We took a well known design for a last resort or final option and added a unique twist to the design. The curve not only makes the tool easier to grip, mimicking the natural curve of the hand, but allows it to be worn much closer to the body to prevent printing and catching during daily wear. 


This isn’t a Lamborghini. It’s a Chevy. An old one.
We wanted something that had a highly effective design but was affordable. We also wanted to use materials that our customers could work on with minimal tools.

You want it sharp? Go ahead and get that grinder out.

You want smoother edges on the retention ring? Be our guest.


Three sheath systems are currently available.

EVERY shank comes with an Omni Sheath included.

 The Pocket Protector pocket carry sheath is a PETG printed pocket liner with clip retention. It’s designed to stay on even if you modify the tip of the tool, and provides a way to carry the tool much like a folding knife, and so the retention ring is exposed in areas where concealed carry is not an option.

The Stealth Sheath belt sheath has elastic assisted retention, and is made from HANK (kevlar embedded polymer) and elastic webbing to grip the tool securely but allow for a fast draw. It also grabs tightly to your belt so the horizontal carry position is maintained without the tool sitting at an angle and possibly showing under a shorter shirt or jacket.

The MOLLE Rack rig clip is also PETG 3D printed and allows you to mount your shank of choice to a plate carrier or drop leg rig. The PETG both rigid and flexible, and ensures a smooth draw no matter what you crawl around in. Its caged design and offers drainage to keep your shank dry and at the ready.

The OMNI Sheath is a PETG 3D printed flexible sheath that allws belt or strap mounting of your shank. The PETG sheath let the shank hug the contours of your waist and reduce printing. Two HANK loops with Velcro closures are held in place by screw in rivets. Each screw is set with Blue Locktite and allows the velcro straps pivot and to be adjusted to fit belts up to 2 inches.



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